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Ollie 175 cm - Plywood Cat Tree

Ollie 175 cm - Plywood Cat Tree

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The Ollie is our first plywood cat tree design. It comes in three sizes, making it perfect for any number of cats and any interior. Cats love the comfortable cushions and the cozy condo for hiding out.

    Product Details

    STURDY AND LONG-LASTING: Made of real pine plywood with a stable base and non-slip feet. This makes it suitable for large cats, with each platform supporting up to 15 kg. AGILE cat trees are made of high-quality materials and are built to last.

    HEALTHY AND FUN: Designed with thick natural sisal scratching posts and multiple jumping platforms to fully satisfy your cat's needs. Keep their claws away from furniture and curtains. Cats adore the spacious cat condo, the cozy beds, the hammock, and the various platforms to explore.

    BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Its appealing appearance will complement any room in your home. We believe that pet furniture should enhance rather than detract from the appearance of your home.

    EASY TO CLEAN: When compared to traditional carpet cat trees, wood allows for easier cleaning. Cushions are removable and washable. Allowing the cushions to air dry is recommended, do not tumble dry.

    CLOUD-NINE COMFORT: We love soft beds, and cats do as well. The top bed cushion is luxuriously designed for your cat. Cushioned borders ensure that your cat is comfortable and sleeps well.


    75 x 55 x 175 cm. Suitable for one or two cats of all sizes.

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    Fast shipping Canada-wide on all orders. Most orders are delivered within 3-5 business days. We accept returns within 30-days of delivery, we do NOT cover return shipping costs and these are the responsibility of the buyer. We are unable to ship to PO box addresses, please enter a residential address for delivery.

    Care Instructions

    Do not tumble-dry the cushions, we recommend air drying. Use a warm wet cloth to clean plywood surfaces.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 96 reviews
    Victoria B
    Great product, kitten loves it and looks nice too!

    Super happy with this purchase. It's really sturdy and our kitten took to it within a day. It's by far the nicest looking cat tree I've seen.

    Israel Millar
    Better than expectations

    I was really excited to find the first cat tree that wasn’t ugly. Honestly, it really surpassed my expectations. The quality of everything is so good. It is very sturdy, the cushions/beds are very plush but also sturdy. It looks very expensive and was totally worth it. Kept the old cat tree beside it in the picture for comparison and you can see how this one is much more sturdy and better made.

    Jessica Romero Escobedo
    Amazing cat tree

    •It is an amazing cat tree with very good quality. You won't find anything better than this in the market. The scratching posts are thick and the sisal rope is very well attached. The box is very spacious, finally my cats can have a nap inside it.The beds are big, comfy and washable (don't put them in the dryer). It looks better and sturdier in person and it is incredibly easy to assemble.

    • The tree came very well packaged. No damages to the box and the tools came with a ribbon attached to the cardboard box. I read some comments that this was not the case for everyone but I blame the packaging company which is UPS. I've had some bad experiences with them in the past.

    • I have 2 other products from the same company which are no longer available but they use the same raw wood material and they're the same as the day I got them. Staining the wood is completely optional and in a way I think it's good that people can have the option of personalized it. You can literally choose any color you want to match your furniture or leave it as is.


    • It is deceiving to advertise a product that is out of stock in the website but it is in stock in Amazon and go to Amazon and find that is actually out stock.

    • Keep in mind that the free shipping of $200 purchase it's BEFORE TAXES. I couldn't find that anywhere in the website when I was purchasing the tree (on sale it was $195 before tax and $205 after tax. It didnt qualify for free shipping). In that case I would keep an eye also in Amazon as it is sell through prime and gives you the free shipping.

    • As I mentioned before I owned another cat tree from the same company that is not available anymore. The bed in that cat tree it's slightly square and it has a flat surface in one of the corners where the cats jump down. I think I would add that feature to the upper bed of this cat tree as I noticed my cats where more hesitant to go down because of their paws being caught on the border. I switch the beds and they don't have that problem anymore.


    • Me and my cats love this cat tree. I know it would be consider to be on the "expensive side" but a cat tree it's so important for our furry babies. It's where they spent the majority of their time, especially living in a city and having your cats stuck in an apartment I think getting them a good quality cat tree that will last many many years and it will help create that extra vertical space they need is priceless 😸.

    *The buying experience with this company it's amazing! I can assure you no one is going to send you a very explained and informative email on how to get you cats use to their new cat tree before you get it*

    Great Product!!

    I've only had the tree for a couple weeks but this is an awesome cat tree, really solid! My cat is 18lbs and climbed the post, the tree didn't even wiggle.

    Only 2 minor criticisms: first it is raw wood so I'll need to stain it come spring. Second it doesn't have any hanging ball toys, so I added my own!

    Also one suggestion: an option for dark coloured cushions/beds would be great for those of us with cats who have dark fur.

    Ashley M
    Cat loves it!

    Just set up today and she has been all over it. It was very easy to put together, feels sturdy and looks great!